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The dormakaba Terminal 96 00 is the perfect starter solution for time recording, access control and employee communication. The terminal is protected by a sturdy housing and impact-resistant glass front. It is dust- and waterproof (protection class IP65) and thus particularly rugged and durable. The user interface can be configured as you like and can be designed in the corporate look – with your own corporate colours, icons, background shots and relevant apps. Thanks to add-ons like CardLink you can extend function scope as required and easily integrate offline door components.


Perfect form and function:

  • Brilliant 4” touch screen
  • Supports current RFID readers
  • Dust and waterproof to protection class IP65
  • Rugged housing and sturdy glass front
  • Attractive standard interface
  • Configurable user interface (with company CD, for instance)
  • Company-specific app integration
  • Network integration and power supply via Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Easy set-up thanks to 1-click installation
  • Compatible with predecessor versions
  • Integrated speaker

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