Legal requirements
Consulting & Legal Requirements

We are here to help you. There are different regulations in place affecting the provision and maintenance of doors which you need to be aware of with regard to accessibility, fire safety and general health & safety. As an operator you are responsible for the safe functioning of passages and this needs to be checked on a regular basis. 

We can assist you in meeting the different and potentially conflicting requirements of the regulations in a cost-effective way to ensure your business is safe and legal.


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Service overview

Service overview

We care about your building safety and security. Benefit from more than 150 years of experience.

Emergency callout

Emergency Callout – Repair

Can't be done - there's no such thing! We fix your problem quickly and easily.

Preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance - Our Service Plans

Prevention is better than cure. For reliable security and safety.

Spare parts

Genuine Spare Parts

Quick delivery. Nationwide. Perfectly matched to fit our products.

Modernization & upgrades

Modernization & Upgrades (All Brands)

Keep up-to-date with technology and benefit from extra security and reduced energy costs.

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Download Library

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