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dormakaba Showroom

Since 2006, dormakaba has promoted the concept of showroom in China. This showroom is not only intended to exhibit products, but also aims to give every visitor an intense brand image and leave them a deep impression.

In recent years, more and more dormakaba showrooms have been established in 11 different cities nationwide, including Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Every day showroom receives visitors from different fields. dormakaba showroom is the place where we can communicate with customers face to face, it not only exhibits brand’s outstanding innovation ability and clear future, but also enables visitors to directly and vividly know more about dormakaba products and related service guidance.

In order to meet the concept showroom conveyed, all dormakaba showrooms keep the same design style - bright colors, artistic fashion. The entire showroom is divided into seven different functional areas, including brand introduction area, product and solution display area, negotiation area and so on. Especially in the product and solution display area, products are subtly used in different scenes, so that visitors can get intuitive feelings through experiencing and participating in it. From 150 years’ development history to the current business landscape, from the product solutions of each vertical market to the unique dormakaba VDC (Virtual Design Center) interactive area, visitors can deeply feel the industry leader style and brand focus and intentions.

All the time, dormakaba hope showrooms can be used as a place providing information, guidance, experience and communication for building designs, and meanwhile it can really be close to our customers and realize the brand value of customer first.

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