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Playfully developing the future with our customers

What will innovative access solutions look like in 2025? How will digital transformation influence the security industry? Design Thinking tackles these types of questions – to create new ideas or develop an alternative solution. Design Thinking is not just a process, but rather a mindset, a culture of innovation with the potential to solve problems. The method is classically described as design-oriented process – ideas are illustrated and the first new products are visualized with prototypes.

Working together with business partners on solutions for the future

14 representatives of dormakaba customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland attended an Innovation Day on May 15, 2018 in St. Gallen (Switzerland) to discuss the question ‘What will an access solution look like in 2025?’  

​​​​​​​Some may have felt themselves transported back to childhood, with Lego Serious Play employed to help them develop creative ideas to illustrate their solutions. With Lego Serious Play, the new approaches are modeled and visualized with Lego bricks - inspiring people to think with their hands. The resulting Lego creation is an important tool to help express the ideas as a story.

Take a look at a few impressions of Innovation Day 2018:

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