About us

dormakaba China

Our mission:  make access in life smart and secure

September 2015, DORMA and Kaba officially became dormakaba Group, which was a smart step for smarter access. With over 150 years’ experience, as your trusted partner, dormakaba China is committed to providing you with comprehensive and flexible product portfolios, solutions and services for secure access to buildings and rooms, including door hardware, entrance systems, lodging systems, electronic access and data, etc. and a series of products and services– all from a single source. Our ambition is to become the trusted industry leader.

We have six strategic pillars and two basics to support dormakaba to realize the ambition to be the trusted industry leader.

Aiming at expansion coverage, dormakaba is committed to winning more customers and achieving organic growth in China through professional products and value-added services in four vertical markets——commercial, industrial, residential and lodging markets.

Our strategy is "in China, for China".

dormakaba has 11 offices in China, with company staff in 20 cities all over the country, covering East China, North China (West China), Central China and South China. As early as 1998, the company established a factory in Suzhou, producing a series of products such as door closers, floor springs, automatic door operators, revolving doors and glass fittings, etc. Another factory located in Shenzhen, acquired by the former Kaba Group in 2013, is a modernized factory engaging in the research and production of digital door locks and it can provide customized digital door locks solutions for the residential market. dormakaba is there for you throughout every phase of your building project – from the initial consultation to the last door handle, including consulting, planning, realizing, operation and maintaining.

Rely on it, dormakaba won many large or huge projects, such as Shanghai Tower, Beijing G20 project, Shanghai HKRITaikoo Hui and Chengdu International Finance Square, playing a positive role in the development of Chinese commercial property. At the same time, dormakaba keeps exploiting the needs in the industrial, lodging and residential markets and brings added value to customers through technology innovation and global brand.