Résumé du produit

The AuditGard Series offers multiple user functions as well as audit functions. Customize the lock by adding functions via the LA GARD PC programming software.

The eKey function permits dual-token opening of the lock using a combination and the eKey.

Different input units - all in metal design - are available with a soft keypad or a dome membrane keypad. 

According to the safe application, choose between a dead bolt, swing bolt, spring bolt, or redundant locking system.

Détails du produit

  • Master, manager, up to 8 users
  • 6 to 9 digit combination
  • 512 audit events
  • Dual-mode and silent alarm options


  • EN 1300 B, VdS class 2, UL type 1, CNPP a2p

Power supply

  • 9-volt battery (not included)
  • Auxiliary power supply options


  • Die-cast lock case and bolt
  • Lock mounting set, incl. 3 screws M6
  • Lock options include swing bolt, dead bolt, spring bolt, or redundant

Lock case mounting positions 

  • Right hand, left hand, vertical up, vertical down

Détails techniques

Input units

  • 3125
    • Input unit: Metal, satin chrome, ultra-low profile
    • Battery case: Separate battery box*
    • Key pad: Silicone
    • External power contact: Yes
    • Cable length: 457 mm (18”)
    • Spindle length: 152 mm (6”)
    • Version eKey: eKey*
    • Dead bolt available: Yes
    • Swing bolt available: Yes
  • 5750-K
    • Input unit: Metal, satin chrome, low profile
    • Battery case: Separate battery box*
    • Key pad: Metal dome, backlighting
    • Cable length: 460 mm (18”)
    • Spindle option for dead bolt: Yes

* Not included in delivery

Optional input units (without audit capacity)

  • 3035
    • Input Unit: Metal, Satin Chrome, Ultra-Low Profile
    • Battery case: separate battery box*
    • Keypad: Silicone
    • External power contact: YES
    • Spindle option for dead bolt: YES
  • 5750
    • Input Unit: Metal, satin chrome, low profile
    • Power: 1 x 9-volt battery (not included)
    • Keypad: Metal dome, backlighting
    • Cable length:  460mm (18“)
    • Spindle option for dead bolt: Yes


  • 4300M Swing bolt
  • 6040M Dead bolt
  • 6034 Spring bolt
  • 6441 Redundant mechanical

Lock Options

  • Metric or standard mounting hardware
  • Threaded dead bolts for attachment to bolt works, metric or standard
  • Bolt switch


  • Small battery box (1 x 9 volt block battery) 
  • Large battery box (6 x 1.5 volt C-cell battery) 
  • Small battery/alarm box (1 x 9 volt block battery), required for alarm functions 
  • Large battery/alarm box (6 x 1.5 volt C-cell battery), required for alarm functions 
  • Wall Plug Transformer 220 volt AC (EU-plug) with battery port connector, without VdS certificate (110v or 220v plug)
  • Alarm Interface, VdS listed 
  • Audit cable (for input unit 3125 only) 
  • Audit cable (for input unit 5750-K only) 
  • AuditGard Software-Kit (CD with Setup- and AuditView Software / USB-Adapter / Cable for Entry Device 3125 / Cable for Entry Device 5750-K) 
  • Reset box (necessary to reset the operating mode to works mode)
  • eKey (only for input unit 3125) 
  • eKeyII (only for input unit 5750-K) 



  • Master (super master reset)*
  • 1 manager*
  • Up to 8 users*
  • 6 to 9 digit combination (selectable)

Lock functions

  • Time delay
  • Dual mode*
  • Time delay override*
  • Add/delete user code (manager only)
  • Enable/disable user code (manager only)
  • Add/delete manager code (control code only)*
  • Enable/disable manager code (control code only)*
  • Remote disable lock opening*/**
  • Remote disable lock*/**
  • Silent alarm*/**
  • Audit (record of last 512 events)
  • Lock opening only by code
  • Lock opening by code + eKeyII (dual token)

* Activation by PC software required
** Battery box with alarm function or separate Alarm Interface (VdS listed) required

General functions

  • Low battery signal
  • Wrong-try penalty after 4 false codes
  • LED and beeper function indicators

This accessory available for AuditGard locks consists of a CD with two Microsoft™ Windows™ 7/Vista compatible computer programs and a USB adapter including the needed cables to connect a AuditGard lock (via Entry Device 5750-K or 3125) to the USB port of a computer.

  • Setup Software
    • This software offers a simplified programming of AuditGard locks. User activation, definition of code length, selection of various lock features, or setup of time delay. All these features can be setup on a clearly represented computer window and easily be sent to the lock with a simple mouse click. 
  • AuditView Software
    • This application is used to draw an audit from the non-volatile lock memory. The last 512 events are sent to the computer and may be saved in a PDF file. The software features a filter function to generate the report according to specified events and/or users.

Safe Lock La Gard - Input unit 5750K
Safe Lock La Gard - Input unit 5715
Safe Lock La Gard - Lock 6441-1

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