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dormakaba Revit Plugin

As we know integrating the specification into BIM is important and achieving this is extreme difficult by using manual methods, to resolve this dormakaba have come up with the powerful Revit plugin which helps to achieve the Door hardware specification and access solution in automated way.


Highlights of plugin

  • Provides streamlined specification service that delivers complete ironmongery specifications inside your model. 
  • This user-friendly plugin quickly transfers the openings between the client and dormakaba without requiring access to your Central File.
  • BIM model is protected as the process doesn’t need the model to be shared
  • Can visualize and generate reports of solutions within Revit
  • Effective control over design changes and Revision tracking
  • Compatible with Revit versions from 2016 to 2022

Customized Revit submittals using dynamo scripts

dormakaba also offers the below submittals regarding door hardware specification & access solutions and supports architects for customized BIM solutions as well.

Hardware Specification integrated with each door in BIM:
Information (not models) of products is added to the existing default Revit objects


Customized Revit families of Entrance systems, Interior Glass systems, Movable partitions with integrated specifications:
By adding Artificial Intelligence the Revit user gets prompted if the model is modified beyond allowable product parameters.


Door Elevation with indicative hardware location in BIM:
Architects/Designers would not have to spend time creating separate door elevation schedules. The coordinated door types and hardware are developed automatically.


Revit Sheets for specified products
List of complete products specified for the project as Revit sheets


Regulations to comply to Safety Codes. 
A Revit Designer - who is not a Fire Safety specialist - will receive a prompt for any miss outs relative to code requirements and offers recommendations.