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The future of building design

BIM - Building Information Modeling

We know that the Architecture Engineering and Construction industry is emerging towards using Building Information Modeling. dormakaba provides digital illustrations and data of products to support designers working in the BIM environment.

Understanding designer’s requirements, dormakaba’s focus is on the ‘I’ – Information of BIM. The designer’s IT infrastructure which supports BIM is a major investment, designers do not want to waste their IT resources on unnecessary models & data that makes their BIM models a ‘Monster’. They only need the information that adds value to their design rather than what a manufacturer would wish to push.

dormakaba not only provides customizable product information but also integrated Life Safety, Security, Accessibility and Sustainability information, supporting designers throughout the design process and assisting in complying with relative codes & standards while keeping the data size to a minimum.

Our detailed submittal in BIM specification to designers for each project includes:

Our detailed submittal in BIM specification to designers for each project includes:

  • Hardware Specification integrated with each door in BIM:
    Information (not models) of products is added to the existing default Revit objects
    01 Hardware Specs

  • Customized Revit families of Entrance systems, Interior Glass systems, Movable partitions with integrated specifications:
    By adding Artificial Intelligence the Revit user gets prompted if the model is modified beyond allowable product parameters.
    02 Entrance Systems
  • Door Elevation with indicative hardware location in BIM:
    Revit Designers would not have to spend time creating separate door elevation schedules. The coordinated door types and hardware are developed automatically.

    03 Door Elevation
  •  Regulations to comply to Safety Codes. 
    A Revit Designer - who is not a Fire Safety specialist - will receive a prompt for any miss outs relative to code requirements and offers recommendations.
    04 BIM-app

dormakaba BIM Objects

In addition to the above, all general BIM support like dormakaba products BIM objects are available on this link:


Revit Plugin

Our standalone plugin provides a streamlined specification service that delivers complete ironmongery specifications inside your model.