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Architectural Specifications

While we bring to you compliant products & solutions, we ensure that we learn and share our knowledge related to local & global codes...

Codes complied Specifications and Schedules

dormakaba Architectural Specification Team offers comprehensive consulting support to the Architects & Designers with access solutions to all architectural openings in building projects. The merger of dorma and kaba resulted a far wider portfolio adding Electronic Access Control. The team can now offer complete specification support for both Mechanical and Electronic systems for Access to and Egress from the buildings.

The team of qualified professionals consisting of Architectural hardware Consultants & Projects specifiers in dormakaba MENA (AHC and GAIs, Security and risk assessors certified by International Institutes of Criminology , FDAI, LEED AP, BIM Specialist, CAD Designer, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electronics Engineers) are fully available at your service to provide balanced solutions to suit your requirement from a single source. Our Architectural consultants assist you directly throughout the life cycle of the project from Conceptual Design stage to Maintenance. 

dormakaba Architectural Specification Team are pioneers in providing solutions for verticals like Airports, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Sports & Entertainment, Commercial Facilities, Finance & Banking, Government facilities, Residential etc.

The specifications (CSI or NBS format) are based on relevant Life safety codes - local / international and complying to product standards like the ANSI, BS/EN standards. We conduct risk assessment on the designs to achieve a balance between Safety and Security - in compliance with both local and global Fire and Life safety codes, sustainability and Accessibility requirements.


Safety requirements as per international Fire and Life Safety Codes are incorporated in the design of solutions.

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Balance of Safety & Security in design is possible only if considered both - side by side - during the design process.

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dormakaba offers innovative and sustainable products, services and solutions. We are committed to fostering a sustainable development along our entire value chain in line with our economic, environmental and social responsibilities toward current and future generations.

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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a widely used industry standard developed under ISO 14025, 14040, 14044, and EN 15804. EPDs create transparency along a product’s whole life cycle and are an excellent way of documenting environmental impacts at the product or product group level.

A selection of dormakaba products are provided with an EPD which you can download as pdf


Open to everyone - Well-planned buildings should be open to all, and available for use by everyone – without restriction or the need for assistance. Defined standards form the main basis for ensuring this happens.

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Right selection of construction material has far-reaching effects on health of people during construction & operation of the building.

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Health Product Declaration (HPD) gives a transparent account of the materials and substances contained within a construction product, as well as of the associated effects on human health.

A selection of dormakaba products are provided with an HPDs which you can download as pdf

The Architectural Specification Team’s support in providing Specification & Technical assistance includes:

  • Hardware scheduling and specifications for ALL the architectural openings in the project including steel doors, timber doors, frame less and famed glass doors, aluminum doors etc.
  • Automatic Sliding, Revolving and Swing doors
  • Physical Access Systems like Sensor Barriers and Gates, Turnstiles etc.
  • Electronic Access Control Systems
  • Hospitality Solutions - Lodging Systems
  • Glass partitions like swing doors, sliding doors, sliding folding partitions.
  • Movable Walls (Acoustic partitions)

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All the above specification data integrated into each opening in the BIM/Revit Model.

  • Conduct a risk assessment on the security designs to achieve a balance between safety and security within the facilities - in compliance with all relevant Life safety codes.
  • Conduct independent appraisal reports for consultants on submittals from contractors.
  • Presentations on Codes and Standards related to safety, Security, sustainability and Accessibility.

Contact your dormakaba Architectural Consultant to discuss and collect your project documents to enable comprehensive project specification.

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