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Mobile access – open doors via smartphone

With dormakaba’s mobile access feature, you can send digital keys to users’ smartphones with a single click. All they need to do is download the mobile access app to open the electronic door lock with their smartphones.

  • Convenient: send digital keys easily via mobile network.
  • Secure: the data transfer is encrypted. Also, the app also verifies the digital key, which improves the safety of your access system
  • Efficient: you no longer need to hand over keys in person. Grant access rights and send them electronically: your users receive digital keys on their smartphones and can open doors with the app, saving you time and resouces.

Product videos

Product details

  • Use mobile access to open your electronic door locks or cylinders – and save time
  • With mobile access, you no longer need to replace lost or forgotten keys or badges
  • The mobile access app shows the users authorisations for complete transparency
  • With the smart TapGo function for businesses, users can access doors even faster: the app runs in the background after initial start
  • Integrate your electronic door locks into your access system, be it with or without connection to the network, while maintaining full overview

Mobile access for your home or small business evolo smart – a clever access app for up to 50 users. For your home or small business.   Mobile access for small- and mid-sized companies (SMEs) The solution for offices and administrators, schools, universities, hospitals and more. Send a digital key to your employees, visitors, service providers and temporary staff with a single click. You no longer have to waste time issuing new badges.   Mobile access for small- and mid-sized companies (SMEs) – a cloud solution with programming interfaces (APIs) exivo is a cloud-based access control solution that can be tailored to your needs. Seamlessly combine your booking system and our access management via the API. Your customers can book athletic facilities, apartments, co-working spaces or specific rooms and receive the digital key directly on their smartphones. You no longer have to hand over keys in person.   Mobile access for real estate properties New tenants, lost keys, external service providers, renting out parking spaces: as a property manager, you have a lot on your plate. Mobile access and our access system resivo can ease your day-to-day work and increase your productivity.   Mobile access for large corporations Visitors and employees from all over the world enter and leave your company building every day. Send digital keys to before they arrive and simplify the reception process. Grant access to parking spaces, training courses and workshops. Outside of business hours, external service providers can access your facilities, even at short notice.   Mobile access with partner applications Connecting to partner applications within your system is easy: B-COMM is designed for quick and efficient management of terminal systems and electronic door locks. The system exchanges data with partner applications via standardised interfaces. B-COMM supports mobile access, thereby allowing users to use their smartphones for both time logging and access control. Access rights are managed in the application software and sent to the periphery in an encrypted format via B-COMM.