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Access cards & key fobs

The RFID access cards are flat and easy to carry. Programmable with time and room permissions, the access card can also be used as a means of identification.


Product details

Electronic key
An electronic key carries the chip on the key head. It opens mechanical as well as electronic locks, so the user needs to carry only one access medium for all locks.

Also known as ID cards or badges, smartcards are highly popular, as they can be printed with the user’s credentials and the organisation’s logo. This makes visual identity checks possible, which enhances security.

Electronic key rings
Electronic key rings provide the same functionality as electronic keys or smartcards, which is useful if the latter are unsuitable due to shape or other reasons.

Kaba TouchGo key fob
This key fob combines user convenience and high security. It works like smartcards as described above, but can also unlock doors without being taken out of the pocket or handbag (the user just needs to touch the door handle). You can define which feature to use on which door.

Biometric identification
Fingerprints or iris scans can be used either instead of or in addition to the above forms of identification. Kaba is a leading provider of biometric identification and verification which offer both security and efficiency advantages.