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dormakaba MATRIX ONE - access control out-of-the-box

The access solution you’ve always dreamed of

MATRIX ONE is the simple, secure browser-based access solution tailored to the needs of small- and medium-size enterprises. You enjoy the benefits of an easy all-round system, both in terms of installation and operation: the out-of-the-box solution is rolled out in no time at all and the modern intuitive interface is user-friendly.

  • Supports offline, access on card und online modes
  • Reliable granting and rejecting of access in a matter of seconds, online or via remote access
  • Fast installation and intuitive operation
  • Automatic adjustment to the browser window
  • No specialists or training required
  • Operation via browser, via tablet, smartphone or PC in your network

Product details

Your access solution

MATRIX ONE is the secure access solution tailored to the needs of small- and medium-size enterprises. You enjoy the benefits of an easy all-round system, both in terms of installation and operation. All you need to do in the easiest case is enter the access media to immediately benefit from the simple, secure browser-based access solution.

Fast and easy setup

MATRIX ONE covers the key requirements of small- and medium-size enterprises, so it can be used directly without any major adaptations and adjustments. Once the hardware is connected and configured, setup can be completed in next to no time. Saving costs, time and personnel couldn’t be easier.

Controlled reliable management from anywhere

MATRIX ONE is installed on a PC or server for you to manage, so you always keep full control over your access solution. The system also complies with the latest standards in access control.

Completely browser-based on all devices

MATRIX ONE is operated via a modern, intuitive and multilingual browser interface. As no software is installed on the PCs, tablets and smartphones, there is no need for updates later on, either. The system is easy-to-learn, automatically adjusts to the size of the browser window and can thus also be deployed efficiently in distributed organisations – no matter whether via tablet, smartphone or PC. Once installed on your server, the completely browser-based system can be accessed by every computer in your network. All of this facilitates operation, installation and maintenance.

Access control the way you want Access functions (profiles, weekly plans, personnel set, individual rights etc.) Choice of operating modes (offline, online, access on card or mixed mode) Complies with the latest standards in access control System size: There are four license levels – 50, 100, 250 and 500 – to choose from Free working demo version available Basic modules Access rights via one or several easy key plans or access profiles. Options Security functions Visitor management Door status monitoring and notifying Alarm monitor and camera integration Interface to a burglar alarm system Periodic import of people Simple booking entry See fact sheet for description of options Security functions Anti-passback Anti-timeback Room zone change control Visitor management Efficient administration of all visitors in the company with preregistration function for employees and self-service: Visitors are recorded and if necessary issued with a visitor pass. Door status monitoring and notifying Aside from entrance contacts for controlling and monitoring, you can also define the unlocking pulse duration, door open time and the alarm duration and set up e-mail notification. Alarm monitor and camera integration Alarms and faults are colour-coded in the alarm monitor and marked in on the site plans. Actions are logged. In the event of faults, you can activate the camera. Interface to a burglar alarm system The burglar alarm system can be activated and deactivated via an interface. Access readers can also be deactivated. Periodic import of people Personnel number, First name, Last name, Valid from, Valid to, Access profile, ID number, Access calendar, AoC tracking, PIN code, Reason for blocking can be imported Simple booking entry The detected time differences between entering and leaving a company site are saved in a list. The basis for the calculations are the access bookings, which are recorded at a registration unit or at a reader when coming in ("Access IN") and going out ("Access OUT").

Access solution components

  • dormakaba registration units 90 00, 90 01, 90 02, 90 03 and 90 04
  • dormakaba registration unit 90 02 with PIN keyboard
  • c-lever pro, c-lever compact, c-lever air
  • Cabinet lock
  • Digital cylinder
  • Mechatronic cylinder
  • dormakaba access manager 92 00
  • dormakaba access manager 92 30
  • dormakaba wireless gateway 90 40