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Hygiene and infection protection: secure and touch-free access solutions

In public buildings such as offices, hotels, shopping centres, airports and above all, healthcare facilities such as hospitals, large volumes of people traffic inevitably lead to high levels of hygiene risk. That’s why hygiene and infection protection measures also play a decisive role when planning new access systems or modernising existing ones. Automated door solutions can support the implementation of preventive measures. For example, contactless functions such as opening activators in automatic doors can effectively reduce contact with door surfaces to a minimum. This boosts protection against the spread of infections.
dormakaba offers an extensive portfolio of well-designed, automatic door systems that are tailored to your individual hygiene requirements. We are already working on new technical solution concepts, which can be easily integrated into existing door systems and increase infection protection for people in buildings, without affecting the free flow of traffic.

Hygiene and infection protection: dormakaba solutions

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Hygienic and Touch-Free Applications

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dormakaba has a range of products and solutions to assist with touch free access for hygienic buildings. Ideal for healthcare facilities but also for any site where reducing the spread of germs is essential to customer and public safety.

We have extensive experience in automating and securing access, from the entrance doors to restricted access to critical areas such as operating theatres. 

Upgrading Existing Manual Doors

Existing manual doors can easily be upgraded to automatic access with touchless sensors, contact push pads can be replaced with radar activation or touchless sensors and manual revolving doors can be updated to automatic operation. Contact us to find out how you can create more hygienic entrances at your premises.



The durability and quality of access systems throughout their entire
life cycle is a prerequisite for unrestricted people flow in your building.