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  • Skyfold Mirage®

Product Summary

The Skyfold Mirage is a glazed partition with an STC of 33 (RW 33) and finish options like frosted glass, plexi glass, bullet prrof glass, & even solid panels. The Mirage creates rooms that still feel airy and connected but that are private enough for meetings, collaboration, classes, autonomous work, and so on.

Skyfold Mirage allows for hallways and windows to lend their light to otherwise isolated spaces.

  • Retracts into the Ceiling to Conserve Floor Space
  • Acoustic Properities 33 STC
  • No Floor Tracks
  • Fully Automatic
  • Easy-to-Use Turn-Key or Keypad Operation
  • Quiet Operation
  • Flat, Rigid and Lightweight
  • Variety of Glass and Plexiglass Options to Meet Your Design Needs
  • Equipped with an Infrared Safety System
  • Made to Last
Product Details

Skyfold Mirage can be inserted with Clear laminated glass, plexiglass, Lexan, bullet proof glass, frosted glass and more. 

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