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Team dormakaba, racing ahead of market competition

dormakaba South Africa is a leader in access control, architectural hardware, security and enterprise data collection solution development and integration. The company is also widely acknowledged and respected for its sponsorship of professional mountain bike athletes and Team dormakaba South Africa specifically.

The company is well established and has earned global recognition for its robust, premium high-tech solutions.

As a service provider dormakaba South Africa is focused, determined and driven. It is associated with ground-breaking solutions that give clients the edge in process management, particularly in terms of security and access control.

The company, in turn, networks with market leaders, people and businesses who have distinguished themselves through their professionalism, success and achievement.

This is the basis of its ongoing sponsorship of Team dormakaba, made up of professional riders Nico Pfitzenmaier, Candice Neethling and Vera Adrian.

Nico is a veteran rider and is a strong advocate for a vegan diet and believes wholeheartedly in the power of superfoods.

The combination obviously works for Nico and he has 30 Cape Epic category stage wins (18 Mixed, 12 Masters) and three category overall wins (1 Masters, 2 Mixed) to his name.

As of 2016 dormakaba South Africa is the proud sponsor of Olympic athlete Candice Lill, Her dedication to her sport is the embodiment of the company’s guaranteed excellence.

“The company is thrilled to have her in the dormakaba South Africa family, so that we can help make her dreams a reality,” said Shaun Frayne, Regional Director, dormakaba South Africa

Though she is only 23, Candice’s youthful spirit is not to be underestimated.

Windhoek-born, Vera is the most recent member of Team dormakaba. At 23 years of age, this two-wheel athlete has already won some impressive titles and even represented her country at the Rio Summer Olympics in 2016.

dormakaba South Africa is honoured to have Vera represent their brand. Vera is the girl-next-door who happens to be an Olympian. “We are thrilled to be working with her” says Frayne,

He is adamant that supporting this sport and encouraging employee and client participation is the recipe for success in a highly competitive and fast-changing solution development and integration space.

This is the reason behind the hosting of regular mountain-bike skills and networking clinics.

These clinics allow clients and employees to network, share knowledge of mountain biking, while also facilitating business.

As Frayne says, the clinics are an effective way to reach customers, staff and partners, and transfer the benefit of mountain biking, healthy living and great product!