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dormakaba South Africa opens hotel doors with tap and go

dormakaba South Africa, a trusted partner for smart and secure access solutions worldwide, has designed a secure, accessible and easy-to-use mobile Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solution for hotels. The solution allows for hotel guests to use their mobile devices as room keys, neatly sidestepping check-in queues and paperwork. Installation is simple and cost-effective, and the result enhanced guest experiences and satisfaction alongside increased hotel security.

“A mobile device is a convenient and reliable tool for both the hotel and the guest,” says Sonia Harding. “Guests simply book their accommodation, download the mobile key application and then receive their hotel room key on the app. Once they arrive at their destination, they proceed directly to their room and use their mobile device as they would their key card. No queues, no delays and no unnecessary frustration.”

The solution overcomes a complex challenge that impacts most hotels using the key card system – security. If a key card is lost or stolen, it can be used to access parts of the hotel without anyone realising. However, if the mobile device is lost or stolen, the key can be deactivated remotely. In addition, this mitigates the cost associated with replacing key cards which can become a pricey exercise.

Implementing the dormakaba solution is also cost-effective and efficient. The system integrates seamlessly with the hotel locking system, using a cloud-based platform to manage the key allocations and controls. The locks are compatible with BLE which means there is no difference in the price of the locking system, the only cost would be the BLE antenna that needs to be fitted on the inside of the lock and the annual licensing fee to host the hotel in the cloud.

“The cost is minimal as the client can upgrade their lock just by adding the antenna, and the hardware and operating software used to take advantage of the system are largely the same as legacy systems already in use at most hotels,” adds Harding. “No changes are made to the lock readers – they can read the key cards as they are RFID compatible, and they have Bluetooth that allows for seamless connectivity using the mobile device. Clients that purchase locks from June 2016 will be automatically BLE compatible.”

The dormakaba solution is easy to install, is compatible with legacy software and systems, has a low barrier to entry and sits at an affordable price point. It allows for hotels to modernise and secure infrastructure while providing guests with seamless experiences, improving the user journey and enhancing reputation and ratings.