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A tailored ERP approach can make all the difference – dormakaba SA

A strategically integrated ERP solution, brought in at a reasonable cost and level of complexity suitable to business needs, will add value to any business, across any industry.

This is according to executive leadership at dormakaba, a leading global manufacturer of products for security, time & attendance, access control and enterprise data collection.

ERP covers a range of business functionality and processes, including workforce management and access control and security, all of which dormakaba South Africa delivers to the market.

While the market is awash with ERP or near-ERP solutions, that promise the world but rarely deliver on what is expected – that are not lined up with the actual, core requirements of the business.

Dormakaba’s position is that solutions must be designed to accommodate growth within the environments in which they are placed and can be customised and manipulated to add value to an evolving space.

The company advocates that users integrate these solutions in areas such as HR and finance, but once progress is made and success achieved, this should be moved to production and plant maintenance.

“The solution must be able to grow in size and functionality,” the company explains.

When it comes to enterprise ERP, size, complexity and cost all factor as considerations, but ease of use and the ability to provide interface opportunities with various third party solutions is also very significant.

What leading service providers are trying to get across to the market is that the right kind of ERP solution represents a careful investment, one that will deliver a significant return on investment.

Any size business across any industry can benefit. From as little as 20 employees up to larger organisations of 2000+ employees. The benefits are long-lasting and far-reaching, says Guenter Nerlich, Executive Manager, EAD Solutions – Access & Workforce Management at dormakaba.

The list of benefits can be extensive and include operational excellence, efficiency, reduction in cost when for example integrating HR solutions and employee self-service.

When it comes to ERP integration and application, while there is no silver-bullet, solutions have to be consistent and streamlined.