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dormakaba South Africa underlines its expertise with architectural consultancy service

As the leading provider of access control and security solutions dormakaba South Africa has established an architectural consultancy service which offers a comprehensive cross divisional specification and scheduling service for ironmongery, glass fittings, automatic door operators, electronic access control and lodging systems.

Consultants work to provide a complete package and single reference point for the client, assisting architects throughout the building process.

dormakaba South Africa architectural consultants are experts in the field and provide a fast, accurate and detailed analysis of all products required within the building construction process.

As the company explains, modern buildings comprise a broad range of products available with complex security, access and safety concerns.

“It is therefore imperative that the architectural hardware systems specified are compatible and compliant with the applicable safety regulations. A building must also be functional and adhere to budget limitations which make the role of dormakaba South Africa architectural consultants essential to the construction process,” adds the company.

dormakaba South Africa’s offer of professional specifications service includes budget preparation, review of substitution requests, response to RFIs, owner’s comment, revit families and revit door scheduling Building Information Modelling (BIM), and specialised technical solutions.

The company’s core value proposition is to develop detailed, open and competitive architectural hardware specifications and schedules.

This involves direct client engagement to help specify architectural hardware and door closers, as well as entrance systems, safety & security systems, and interior glass door systems.

“Product knowledge extends to entrance systems, door hardware, interior glass systems, master key systems, electronic access and data, lodging systems and safe locks. It also covers surface mounted door closers, concealed closers and door selectors,” the company continues.

dormakaba South Africa says it is important to remember that the onus is on the building management team and the building owners to provide a safe environment for both employees and the general public.

“Employers must ensure that they meet the standard of a reasonable practitioner in their field of operation; and ensure the safety of their employees as well as the general public that may enter the facility,” the company adds.

dormakaba South Africa helps clients in the building construction industry meet its obligations and tick all the boxes to ensure compliance.