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dormakaba South Africa press releases provide readers a detailed summary of new products, recent developments & undertakings, product enhancements, company announcements, and service news.

AWM360 Data Systems acquired by dormakaba South Africa

AWM360 Data Systems, leading supplier of state-of-the-art Kaba Workforce Management and Access Control solutions, was acquired by...


dormakaba biometric entrance systems locks in value for business

When it comes to access control for businesses, one of the most effective identification technologies available is biometric finger...


dormakaba South Africa underlines its expertise with architectural consultancy service

dormakaba South Africa has established an architectural consultancy service which offers a comprehensive cross divisional specification...


A tailored ERP approach can make all the difference – dormakaba SA

A strategically integrated ERP solution, brought in at a reasonable cost and level of complexity suitable to business needs, will add...


Team dormakaba, racing ahead of market competition

dormakaba South Africa is a leader in access control, architectural hardware, security and enterprise data collection solution...


Technology the force behind effective labour management

The answer to whether or not technology can actually keep track of a workforce is a resounding yes!


dormakaba South Africa opens hotel doors with tap and go

dormakaba South Africa, a trusted partner for smart and secure access solutions worldwide, has designed a secure, accessible and...


Trust dormakaba for secure and total access control

Urbanisation is driving the need for smart technology, the foundation behind the development and introduction of smart cities.