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İkaz Cihazları

Acil çıkış kontrolünde uygulanmaya yönelik dormakaba ikaz cihazları tehlike anında görsel veya akustik sinyallerle etkili ve belirgin bir alarm verirler. Cihazlar RZ TMS 2 kaçış güzergahı kontrol kutularına, TL-S TMS 2 kontrol ve ara yüz panosu yoluyla TL-G kapı uçbirimlerine, ve TL-S TMS Comfort ankastre kapı uçbirimlerine bağlanırlar.

  • Tehlike anında görsel ve akustik alarm
  • Belirgin alarm sinyalleri
  • Tüm TMS acil çıkış kontrollerine doğrudan bağlantı
  • Entegre yeniden şarj edilebilir batarya paketli ve DCW® veri yolu teknolojili duman detektörü


RMZ DCW® smoke detector with integrated rechargeable battery pack

Smoke detector with integrated rechargeable battery pack and optical smoke detector in Contur design for lintel mounting. Ready for connection to TMS emergency exit controls, SVP motor lock controls and dormakaba hold-open systems. Connection via DCW® system bus. Suitable for connection of further smoke detectors and manual release pushbuttons.

RM-N smoke detector

Ceiling-mounted detector for connection to TMS control boards or SVP motor lock controls and for application as second or third detector at any dormakaba hold-open system, and dormakaba RMZ smoke detectors with integrated rechargeable battery pack.

Alarm siren

Multi-function alarm siren in impact-proof ABS housing for internal and external use. Adjustable volume to up to 105 dB, 26 programmable sounds.

Flush-mounted siren S55

Multifunctional siren for installation in device boxes, 28 programmable sounds, international emergency signal for evacuation and adjustable volume to up to 107 dB/A.

Flashing lamp

Green flashing lamp in impact-proof ABS housing for internal and external use. Approximately 80 flashes per minute.

LED light indicator

Acrylic LED light indicator for visual door status indication on the outside, for example for airlocks or systems with application in psychiatric hospitals. All colours may be controlled/activated individually. Thanks to its design, the display is visible from 180°. Ready for surface-mounting and compatible with System 55 device boxes.