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dormakaba b-comm ERP 5 – SAP CATS

Kaba's interface for SAP CATS provides you with an optimized flow of registered data to the relevant target module in SAP (HCM, CO, PS, PM, CS, SD). All the work is registered just once. Redundant data is not stored. The CATS error handling for SAP ERP is included in the basic module.



Employees register their time data or order data at the Kaba terminals or via a web terminal.

The Kaba module calculates the time spent and reports this to CATS.

Working times are therefore collected at a central point (SAP CATS module) together with cost centers, activities, projects, and orders. They are then transferred to other SAP modules for further processing.

Optional software modules are CATS Absence Registration and CATS PP-Interface. They expand the range of possible applications for SAP CATS.