dormakaba Electronic Access & Data
Accesos seguros y confiables con los sistemas de Control de Acceso Electrónico y Recolección de Datos

Soluciones de Vidrio para Interiores

dormakaba interior glass systems bring the benefits of glass to your projects: transparency, daylighting, versatility, efficiency, space savings, and a low cost of ownership. Whether you’re selecting manual sliding doors for an open office environment, framed or frameless glass walls for conference rooms, or moveable glass walls that let you catch all the action in a stadium or arena, dormakaba offers a clear advantage to make your project visibly inviting.

Single and bi-parting glass doors offering an unobstructed view & allowing natural light to shine through doorways

Enhance frameless glass door design, preserving the transparent elegance of glass systems

Efficiently separate spaces for physical privacy while maintaining visual openness, space allocation, & sound control

Sliding, folding, & movable wall systems offer a flexible solution for managing multi-functional spaces

The finishing touch of a door (designed for any door material, style, & thickness)