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K-RX Wireless Receiver

The K-RX wireless receiver is a reliable selection for use with parking garage, gate and many other long-range applications. The Keyscan K-RX transmits a signal via hardwired Wiegand for access control panel authentication. The K-RX Wireless Receiver is easy to install and configure with any Keyscan access control unit. When paired with access control units and software the wireless receiver permits tracking, usage reporting and assigning access privileges (including time and day restrictions).

  • Transmits a signal via hardwired Wieganf for access control panel authentication
  • FOBs function from up to 200 feet
  • Functions with K-TX2 (HID 125kHz coil) and K-INTX2 (Indala 125kHz coil) as well as K-TX2-1K (K-SMART 13.56MHz coil) transmitters
  • All transmitters act as a regular FOB when used within your facility

Detalles de producto

  • Fast installation with Keyscan access control unit. Simple fob enrollment in Keyscan software. One cardholder number for all RF activations and proximity activations 
  • Allows for integration to gate/garage applications without costly trenching or installation of pedestals to mount readers
  • Permits tracking, usage reporting and assigning access privileges (including time and day restrictions) when used with Keyscan access control units and software
  • Fobs work in long range RF mode as well as standard proximity format for other access control secure doors
  • Fobs may be ordered with Keyscan K-SMART 13.56MHz (K-TX2-1K), HID 125kHz (K-TX2) or INDALA 125kHz (K-INTX2) coil sets
  • Employs a rolling 40-bit code combined with a 256bit encryption key for anti-sniffing and anti-playback protection
  • Available in 4-channel fobs
  • Will function in non-keyscan environments using a Wiegand protocol

Dimensions: 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 2  3/8” (15.9 x 9.0 x 6.1 cm)  

  • Input power: 10 to 24 VDC @ 120mA (Typical)  
  • RF input signal: 433MHz 
  • Communication format: Wiegand 36 bit hardwired output 
  • Operating temperature: -7.6°F to 122° (-22°C to 50°C)  
  • Encoding: Code Hopping with 256 bit encryption 
  • Case material: High Density Plastic Water Resistant; Keypad Membrane 
  • Power: CR2032 3V Lithium battery; Field replaceable 
  • Output: RF 433MHz; UHF Proximity 125kHz 

Functions with these transmitters 

  • K-TX2-1K (K-SMART 13.56MHz)  
  • K-TX2 (HID 125kHz) 
  • K-INTX2 (INDALA 125kHz)