Keyscan LUNA SDACSKT Single Door Access Control Smart Kit

  • LUNA Access Control Kit

    1/1LUNA Access Control Kit

  • LUNA Access Control Kit

Descripción del producto

The combination of single access control unit, one reader, 10 credentials, power supply and comprehensive software, brings affordable access control security, accountability, and reporting to small businesses for a fraction of the cost of enterprise systems.

The Keyscan LUNA™ Single Door Access Control Smart Kit (SDACSKT) contains:

  • SDAC single-door access control unit
  • K-SMART3 13.56 MHz mobile-ready reader
  • K-SECURE1K10 package of 10 card credentials
  • PS1225 Plug-in 12VDC transformer power supply
Detalles del producto

LUNA™ Software Capabilities: 

  • People Management: manage users, assign credentials and permissions
  • Hardware management: install, configure and operate up to 6 SDAC control units
  • Settings: adjust performance and preferences
  • Access levels: set permission levels and user groups
  • Schedules: for pre-authorized entry times including holiday schedule settings
  • Transaction reports: for select or full system usage and transactions for audits and investigations

LUNA™ Software Benefits: 

  • Comprehensive and easy to use
  • Encrypted database
  • Software for small business access control needs
  • Downloadable and can be run from a USB drive
  • No licensing or recurring fees

Features and benefits: 

  • A convenient and cost-effective single door control solution featuring SDAC Unit; K-SMART3 reader; K-SECURE 1K (10-pack) credentials, 12VDC 2.5Amp transformer power supply - all in one package
  • 1 powered relay (500mA at 12 VDC) for electric strike or electromagnetic lock (sold separately)
  • Network configuration WiFi embedded web server
  • Fast and convenient WiFi point-to-point or WLAN connectivity only
  • DIP switches for system options
  • Selectable filter transaction reports

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