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The CA series of door controllers provide unmatched access control system design flexibility. The Keyscan CA series of door controllers includes 1, 2, 4, & 8-reader access control units. These Keyscan door controllers can be used for regulating and monitoring access at virtually any door. Interior or exterior doors can easily be supervised with readers, contacts, and an array of locking devices that suit your needs. dormakaba’s Keyscan CA series access control units will satisfy new access control systems or augment existing Keyscan systems.

  • CA150 (Single-door, PoE equipped, access control unit)
  • CA250 (2-reader access control unit)
  • CA4500 (4-reader access control unit)
  • CA8500 (8-reader access control unit)

Detalles del producto

  • 1, 2, 4, 8 reader access control units for maximum system design flexibility
  • Door controllers function seamlessly with Keyscan 1 and 2-cab EC series elevator floor control units
  • Easily configurable reader settings supporting many Wiegand protocols
  • Up to 6000 transactions retained in transaction buffer
  • Auto-transfer protocol uploads transaction buffer when communication is re-established after an interruption
  • Dual processors
  • Expanded flash memory allows for 45,000 credentials (90,000 with special order hardware)
  • Lockdown and global communication among multiple ACUs, server and sites (requires CIMs and CIM Link)
  • Removable terminal blocks
  • Accommodates 512 time schedules and 511 groups
  • Multiple inputs and outputs for expansion capability

Detalle técnicos

  • Alimentação por duplo transformador (2 x 16vca x 3A)
  • Bateria Selada 12vcc x 7A
  • Bateria interna para RTC
  • Temperatura de operação -10 a 50ºC
  • Umidade relativa do ar de até 85% sem condensação
  • Conector Serial RS232
  • Dimensões: 508 x 406 x 139mm (AxLxP)


CA8500 8-reader access control unit

  • CA8500B ACU board
  • 2 - OCB8 relay boards
  • 1 - DPS-15 power supply
  • 1 - black metal enclosure with lock and tamper switch

CA4500 4-reader access control unit

  • CA4500B ACU board
  • OCB8 relay board
  • 1 - DPS-15 power supply
  • 1 - black metal enclosure with lock and tamper switch

CA250 2-reader access control unit

  • CA250B ACU board
  • OCB8 relay board
  • 1 - DPS-15 power supply
  • 1 - black metal enclosure with lock and tamper switch

Ideal for a single-door deployment or to augment an existing system with a need for one additional door.

  • Network connectivity with built-in PoE ready TCP/IP module
  • PoE mode powers reader, strike, and other auxiliary devices, up to 680mA
  • DHCP supported
  • Dual Processors
  • Flash Memory
  • Two reader ports


  • Em portas para liberação/bloqueio de entrada e saída de pessoas
  • Em ambientes com necessidade de monitoramento de sensores de fumaça, temperatura, presença, etc
  • Integrado com centrais de incêndio para a liberação automática das portas
  • Detecção de arrombamento e porta aberta

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