Product Summary

The One Time Combination lock Axessor CIT is characterized by its Interactive Code System (ICS).

In ICS Mode the user registers at the lock with his personal ID. The ICS ensures on site presence and generates a temporary, person-related and situational specific One Time Question. Only after telephonic forwarding of this question to the dispatch centre and verification of the data, the user gets a One Time Code to open the lock from the dispatch centre. Every event is recorded to guarantee the maximum transparency.

  • EN 1300 B
  • VdS Class 2
  • UL Type 1
  • ECB●S

Product Details


  • EN 1300 B, VdS Class 2, UL Type 1, ECB●S
  • VdS bolt switch for alarm systems class C

Codes (bank mode)

  • 1 Master
  • 4 Managers
  • 36 Users
  • 1 Courier


  • > 10.000 events

Power Supply

  • 3 x 1.5 volt Alkaline batteries LR6/AA (included in delivery)

Input Unit

  • Metal housing in black
  • Silicon key pad, green navigation keys
  • LC display and buzzer
  • Integrated battery compartment

Lock Unit

  • Motor bolt, 5 N moving force in both directions
  • Adaptable bolt function: dead bolt or spring bolt (non-VdS) setting
  • Bolt with 2xM4 threads
  • Lock mounting set, incl. 3xM6 screws


  • Networkmodul
  • 5 x Outouts potential-free
  • 5 x Inputs contact-controlled
  • 2 x Axessor-Bus
  • 1 x LAN
  • 1 x external power supply

Technical Details

Electronic combination lock

  • Axessor CIT

Input Units

  • Metal, black


  • Activation software AS280-INSW (ICS/OTC/DM activation)
    • Included in delivery: USB connection cable, USB dongle
  • Programming software AS284-USBW (lock settings)
    • Included in delivery: USB connection cable, USB dongle (1x) to configure and parametrize locks for "stand alone" applications
  • Programming software AS284-NETW (lock settings)
    • Included in delivery: USB connection cable, USB dongle (4x) to configure and parametrize locks for network applications
  • Server Management Software AS 274
    • (Manage more than 100 locks and users)
    • Includes: 1 APHI Ethernet RJ45


  • Dongle AS284-OW Operator
    • USB dongle for programming software AS284-USBW & AS284-NETW
  • Dongle AS284-AW Administrator
    • USB dongle for programming software AS284-NETW


Code Functions

  • One time combination with close code, incl. battery status and lock/door activity feedback
  • Temporary code validity
  • Switchable mode (one time combination and/or bank mode)
  • Wrong try lockout after 4 false codes
  • Duress code (silent alarm)
  • Single mode (1 x 6 digits)
  • Dual mode (2 x 6 digits)
  • Shelve function

Time Lock Functions

  • Time delay
  • Duress time delay
  • Opening window
  • time lock periods (bank mode)
  • Non-return time delay
  • Automatic DLST (summer/winter time) changeover


AS284-NETW Programming Software

Use the AS284-NETW software to configure Axessor Series products like Axessor USB (stand alone only), Axessor IP and Axessor CIT.

In Axessor IP or Axessor CIT systems software AS284-NETW can be used for remote administration or networked operation in general (by using eBox).

Software download:

AS284-USBW Programming Software

Use the AS284-USBW software to configure and parametrize Axessor Series products like Axessor USB, Axessor IP and Axessor CIT.

This software is for stand alone purposes only (no networking functionality).

Software download:

AS280-INSW Installation/Activation Software

Use software AS280-INSW to install network locks (Axessor IP/CIT with eBox) and to activate one time combination mode (Axessor CIT only).

Safe Lock Axessor CIT - Input Unit black

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