Product Summary

With the HSW-ISO, customers feel cosy no matter what the weather is like. Despite storm or snow, tables and chairs can be positioned near the glass wall for proper space utilisation.

  • Double glazing
  • Surrounding frame made of thermally insulated profiles

Product Details

The DORMA HSW System

Wherever smooth and uninterrupted transitions are required to separate one room from another, and where the emphasis is on transparency and elegance, glass elements come into play. With their versatile glass partitions, DORMA provides the ideal solution for linking or separating rooms according to your individual requirements. Thanks to a large range of components, these versatile systems add security, provide noise insulation, and cut energy costs - just as desired.

Temperature and noise protection

A profile with thermal insulation completely surrounds the glass sliding wall, while the profile's extendible top and bottom seals reliably protect from extreme temperatures and noise. The frame is ready to receive double glazing with a glass thickness of up to 49 mm. Despite the heavy glazing, the sliding panels of the glass sliding wall open in no time, if required.

Functional range

When used as door, the respective single-action sliding panels may be equipped with DORMA slide channel door closers.

Horizontal sliding wall HSW ISO

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