Product Summary

Communication - B-COMM components

The components at a glance:

B-COMM Server
The server provides all objects and methods that can be used by other components via RMI (Remote Method Invocation). It also manages the complete configuration of the entire system. To do so, B-COMM Server communicates with all components and the connected partner application.

It is the communication component for data exchange between the terminals and the software application(s). Data are forwarded in both directions according to the requirements. All data records and activities are logged, all bookings are saved in a booking file.

This component allows a graphic display of the management and configuration of the overall system. This includes users, clients, streams, network adapters, terminals and jobs. B-COMM GUI can be installed several times separately on different clients. Access to B-COMM Server is possible from different B-COMM GUIs.

B-COMM Helper
In case an SWP application is not programmed in (and is not RMI-capable), B-COMM Helper is used as interface. The Helper converts the data both from TCP/IP into RMI and vice versa.

B-COMM Components

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