Product Summary

The KES900Z Electric strike provides a pre-load function capable of opening electrically with up to 35kgs of pressure being applied. Pre-load is commonly caused by air conditioning, doors that have dropped or warped or the addition of door seals.  Due to the Zinc Alloy construction it is an economic solution, perfectly suited for Non fire-rated applications such as residential & aluminium fabricated solutions.

The KES900Z offers dual voltage of 12VDC/24VDC and includes convenient fail safe/Fail secure function (changeable on site). Also included are pre-drilled holes for optional extension lips and installation kit for metal frame installation.    

Product Details

  • Field reversible fail-safe/fail-secure
  • Operating voltage 12VDC/24VDC
  • latch & lock status monitoring
  • Suits up to 18mm latch throw
  • Preload – Up to 35kg (80lbs)
  • Pre-drilled for optional extension lips
  • Includes mounting tabs for metal frame
  • Zinc Alloy construction (Non fire-rated)
  • Static holding force of 680kg (1500lbs)
  • Rated up to 500’000 cycles

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