Product Summary

With the TS Compakt, dormakaba has developed a door closer which can be universally used on all common door types. It is particularly quick and easy to install – and does not require a mounting backplate. Changes in templating allow easy selection of the closing force to suit various door sizes.

Certified manufacture to ISO 9001.

  • Closing force, adjustable 2/3/4
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • For standard doors = 1100 mm
  • Non-handed
  • Optional hold-open function

Product Details

Size selection

The TS Compakt size setting is selected for the door width by moving the closer body and/or turning the arm power shoe.

Door width          Size setting
≤ 850                  Size 2
≤ 950                  Size 3
≤ 1100                Size 4

Product features

  • The TS Compakt has a adjustable closing speed in the range 180° – 15 and  15° – 0°
  • Optional hold-open range with hold-open arm model

For the trade

  • Ideal solution for standard doors
  • Just one model for all sizes to simplify stocking

For the user

  • Two valves for optimum closing speed

For the installer

  • Non-handed unit
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Fixes perfectly to all door types without the need for a mounting backplate.
  • One model for all mounting
Door Closer TS Compakt
Door Closer TS Compakt
Door Closer TS Compakt

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