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Accesos seguros y confiables con los sistemas de Control de Acceso Electrónico y Recolección de Datos

CMAC (Centrally Managed Access Control)

The Centrally Managed Access Control (CMAC) solution transforms access control as a service by providing a wide range of features and conveniences. Dealers and end-users trust this ‘cloud-based’ approach to access control.  

With no compromise in security or performance and ease of operation, the Keyscan CMAC offers the convenience of managing an access control system from any location using the Keyscan Aurora Web Client module. When installed, the Keyscan Web Client module allows dealers or end-users to access their system from any internet enabled PC, device, or smartphone.  

A dealer/integrator CMAC program can reduce much of the infrastructure typically required for access control systems, as well as (remove the extra 'and' seen right here) the dedicated staff needed to manage it. CMAC will considerably lower expenditures for end-user clients.


Detalles de producto

  • Add and edit cardholders 
  • Assign and update cardholder access privileges 
  • Generate system reports 
  • Lock, unlock and pulse controlled doors 
  • Schedule visitors 
  • Review system status 
  • Change time schedules 
  • Door maintenance and status 
  • Live online transactions 
  • Plus much more