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E-Variator B - Electronically Controlled Key Lock

Electronically controlled, changeable lock with dead bolt for safes CEN III-V.
Approx. 10 million theoretical variations.
Standard footprint.

Depending on the control conception different release functions (e.g. time delay, dual mode, remote release) or an electronic blocking function can be realised. A start signal for the external control system is activated by the key opening. The start signal as well as the bolt monitoring is offered as output.

Change can be initiated from the front utilising a change activator or via a slide unit at the back of the lock.


Product details


  • EN 1300 B, ECB-S, VdS class 2, GOST class B


  • Changeable lock
  • 11 levers, electrolytic galvanised steel
  • Key retained when in open position
  • Die-cast lock case and bolt
  • Bolt with 2 M4 threads, throw 12 mm
  • Prepared for bolt extension to the front
  • Weight approx. 700 g

Admissible mounting positions

  • Right hand lock, opening clockwise


  • E-Variator B - standard - Order number: 70211


  • Lock case and bolt surface treated - Option code: SRO
  • Supplied in works locking mode - Option code: AWS


  • Bolt extension to the front - Order number: 3 118 000 420
  • Lock fixing screw: cheese head screw galvanised, DIN 84 - BSW ¼‘‘ x 36 mm - 4.8, securing ring - Order number: 3 118 000 010
  • Leather pouch for detachable bit part - Order number: 1 408 999 900
  • Key carrier with foldable bow (see accessories for locks and bolt works)

Works keys and change activators, nickel-plated

  • Material: High-strength brass
  • Length [mm]: 150
  • Usable length [mm]: 100
  • Key bow: Oval
  • Order number change activators: 70075S0032
  • Order number Works keys: 70075W0001
  • Material: High-strength brass
  • Length [mm]: 80-360
  • Usable length [mm]: 30-310
  • Key bow: Oval
  • Order number change activators: 70075Sxxxx
  • Order number Works keys: 70075Wxxxx

Electro-mechanical function

  • RJ11-connector, 2 x 6 wires
  • Interface: Input
  • Function element: Solenoid for release
  • Specification: 563 Ohm, Umin=5 V DC
  • Operating time (OT): 5 - 12 V: 100% OT, 24 V: 87% OT
  • Interface: Output
  • Function element: Microswitch for key monitoring
  • Specification: Change-over contact, 100 mA, 30 V DC  
  • Interface: Output
  • Function element: Microswitch for key monitoring
  • Specification: Change-over contact,100 mA, 30 V DC