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Defender 710 - Bolt Work

1- to 4-sided bolt work for safes CEN II-V.

The bolt work is prepared for the use of a glass plate. Due to two patented front shaft supports in form of integrated massive steel elements a very high manipulation protection is achieved. During the opening process the blocking is released by the forward motion of the shafts II and III. Afterwards shaft I is drawn back.

No defined locking order in case of 2-lock operation.

Product details

Bolt work

  • Dimensions base plate 224 x 420 mm
  • Installation applications
    • 2-lock operation
    • 3-sided (front shaft I, upper shaft II, lower shaft III)
    • Shaft I throw 25 mm, shaft II/III throw 34 mm, opening angle of handle 110°
    • Shaft connections: Ø 10.5 mm
    • Lock mounting: 4 M6 threaded bushes
    • Mounting position of locks: vertical, bolt up/down, bolt throw 8.7 - 12 mm, blocking of horizontal shafts
    • For right hand doors, opening clockwise
  • Manipulation protection
    • Support shaft I, release by forward motion of the shafts II/III
    • 2 integrated relockers, detent in blocking position
    • Prepared for use of a glass plate
    • Indirect blocking point
  • Steel chromated
  • Gear drive with follower 11 mm
  • Prepared for Ristow-Element 4.4
  • Weight approx. 7,770 g

Bolt work

  • Defender 710 - standard - Order number: 83421


  • 1-sided (front shaft I) - Option code: SES
  • 2-sided (front shaft I, upper shaft II ) - Option code: SZS
  • 4-sided - Option code: SVS
  • 1-lock operation, coupling of the second lock position with the operating lock - Option code: ESB
  • 3 integrated relockers, detent in blocking position - Option code: REI
  • For left hand doors, opening counter-clockwise - Option code: SLG

Special types on request


  • Screw for blocking slide of the lock (2 screws per lock are needed) - Order number: 1 260 400 137
  • Bolt distance plate for combination locks, throw 8.7 mm - Order number: 2 140 000 010
  • Connection set Ristow-Element 4.4 for right hand doors - Order number: 3 118 000 110
  • Connection set Ristow-Element 4.4 for left hand doors - Order number: 3 118 000 100