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ES 200

The ES 200 is a modular sliding door operator available in various track heights. Additional modules and options facilitate made-to-measure solutions for automatic sliding doors. To ensure a high level of safety, the product is tested to DIN 18650 / EN 16005.

  • Available operator heights: 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm
  • ES 200 2D for application in emergency exits and escape routes
  • Parameterization directly at the control unit or via hand-held terminal
  • Modules with special functions for challenging fields of application
  • Standardized mechanical components for all operator types
  • Sound-damping, replaceable track rail

Product details

Completely redesigned sliding door operator

The ES 200 is a completely redesigned sliding door operator that corresponds to all the latest European and German standards and safety regulations. It encompasses a stylish and modern cover design, a motor that ensures a virtually silent operation, a microprocessor that automatically controls the opening and closing speeds of the door, a energy saving power unit and new programming functions allowing for quick and simple installation, set-up and maintenance.

Modular design

The ES 200 is a sliding door operator of modular design that can be tailored individually to prevailing functional requirements. The standardized mechanical components and the replaceable track rail can eb combined with different operators (consisting of drive and control unit, motor and power supply unit).

ES 200 T – telescopic sliding door operator

The ES 200 T is the telescopic version of the ES 200. It creates a large clear passage width despite a relatively narrow door set.

ES 200-2D - for emergency exits and escape routes

The 2D version is equipped with a redundant second motor and a control unit in redundant design. The system does not require any rubber cords or coupling units. Thanks to their functional principle, the operators are very reliable and maintenance-friendly.

DIN 18650 / EN 16005​

The operators are tested to DIN 18650 / EN 16005 and/or approved for application in emergency exits and escape routes as specified in the German guidelines for automatic sliding doors in escape routes (AutSchR).

Fields of application

  • Single- or double-panel siding doors
  • As standard version (ES 200) or with approval for application in emergency exits and escape routes (ES 200-2D)

  • Double- or four-panel telescopic sliding doors
  • As standard version (ES 200 T) or with approval for application in emergency exits and escape routes (ES 200 T-2D)

Supplementary equipment/options

  • Various electromechanical locking devices
  • Modules with special functions
  • Electronic safeguarding of secondary closing edges