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DORMA OGRO by Architects

DORMA OGRO by Architects. The OGRO by Architects product range examplifies DORMA's decades of close cooperation with architects and designers. OGRO by Architects gives you the opportunity to realise your own creative ideas.

  • 1:1 hand sample within 15 working days
  • 10 years of premium warranty
  • Reliable panning - our designers help you to translate your creative ideas into reality

Product details

DORMA OGRO by Architects offers you all the scope you need for realising your creative ideas.

For more than 80 years now, DORMA has been cooperating closely with architects and designers in the development of individualised lever handles. With our accumulated experience and expertise, we can help you too to convert your creative ideas into tangible solutions, imparting to your building architecture its specific and unique identity. Design your own bespoke DORMA level handle – unmistakeable in its styling and tailored to your needs – with DORMA OGRO by Architects.


Aluminum         Stainless steel

Hospital           Braille

Fireprotection   Emergency exit

Optionally available with fixing spacers (A) or crank offset (V)

Model: OGRO by Bitsch/Nether/Teherani 8200Model: OGRO by Sieger 8830

With its dynamic styling, the OGRO by Sieger 8830 lever handle is particularly striking. The tapered profile closes to a point, creating a truly modern, even extravagant charm. The OGRO by Sieger 8830 offers design excellence and functional quality in one. The lever handle is available in stainless steel.

Model: OGRO by Kister 8880

The new institute extension accommodates not only libraries, auditoria, and seminar, exhibition and laboratory rooms, but also a suite of offices.  It blends beautifully with the surrounding buildings designed by Oswald M. Ungers, Gottfried Böhm and Dietrich Bangert. The interplay of municipal design and solid, haptic materials has resulted in a structure of some renown, the silhouette of which has already become a landmark on the city skyline.

Model: OGRO by Kleihues 8915

Jan Kleihues had a clear vision when he designed the OGRO by Kleihues 8915: to marry stylish elegance with functional excellence. The shape of the lever handle constitutes a harmonious symbiosis of two conjoined, counterpoised surfaces forming a single, tactile and efficient unit. The lever handle is available in aluminium.

Model: OGRO by Tchoban 8920

This DORMA lever handle crafted by Sergei Tchoban is a real eye-catcher. A departure from classic designs, its geometric shapes give it a truly unique air. The pointed triangular styling of the handle section is repeated in the rose and escutcheon, providing any interior with a quite singular identity. The lever handle is available in aluminium.

Model: OGRO by Wagenfeld 8928

Architect Axel Schultes' choice of lever handle was a "Bauhaus" classic designed by Prof. Wilhelm Wagenfeld back in 1928. As this only existed in its brass version, Schultes collaborated with DORMA OGRO by Architects to produce a range of highly polished stainless steel handles – combined with special roses and backplates exhibiting visible fixings. Altogether a total of around 3,000 lever handle sets were manufactured for the Chancellery, in addition to matching window handles and special levers, plus all the necessary fire door and emergency escape versions.

Model: OGRO by Forstner 8960

With the OGRO by Forstner 8960 lever handle, Johann Forstner has created a style apart. Reduced to the essential, the design lines deliver a clear statement of strength. The handle section, rose and escutcheon are all rectangular in shape, imparting to the OGRO by Forstner 8960 a particularly unique appearance. This robust lever handle is available in stainless steel.

Model: OGRO by Braun Feldweg 8962

True to the remit of combining tradition and innovation to exemplary effect, the project was fitted with DORMA OGRO by Architects lever handles carrying the unmistakable signature of legendary designer Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg. Their details epitomise his all-encompassing view of refurbishment and modernisation, retaining a sense of timeless beauty yet reflecting cultural aspirations of the noblest kind.

Model: OGRO by Wagenfeld 8972

Wilhelm Wagenfeld is renowned for his clearly styled lines and the economic use of materials. The cooperation with Professor Wagenfeld goes back to the 1950s and 1960s when OGRO (today DORMA Beschlagtechnik) developed lever handles in cooperation with the renowned industrial designer. The OGRO by Wagenfeld 8972 is a real classic from this era.

Model: OGRO by Botti 8990

Italian architects Guido Canali and Gilberto Botti enjoy an outstanding international reputation for applying clearly defined, exacting guidelines to govern the integration of modern technology within historical structures. For this Munich bank project, Gilberto Botti had DORMA OGRO by Architects manufacture and installed approx. 500 lever handles on the basis of his own drawings. Push handles of the same design were also used throughout the building. In September 2005, one of the best hotels on the island of Sylt, the Fährhaus in Munkmarsch, decided to use the same fitting in both its renovated main building and its new wing.