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DORMA TMS Control Panel Systems

TMS control panels allow monitoring and controlling escape route doors from a central location. They are ready for remote control of doors or groups of doors and therefore especially suitable to realise airlock systems or access control systems in security-relevant areas. Control panels are frequently used in forensic or psychiatric facilities, where not every single escape route door has an individual emergency pushbutton, and all doors are controlled from a continuously manned central control room. Depending on requirements, the control panel/s are networked via LON/LAN or a conventional RS485 bus.

  • Central control and monitoring of doors
  • Central opening of doors from a continuously manned control room
  • Targeted opening of individual doors
  • Incorporation in LAN/LON networks or RS bus networks
  • Definition of door groups
  • For an unlimited number of doors

Product details

Modular design

Thanks to their modular design, the control panels can be arranged according to requirements. Depending on the prevailing configuration, the 19" subrack for wall and table mounting receives the central basic module with key switch, inputs and outputs, operation modules for door control, System 55 panel module inserts or dummy covers.

TMS Soft

The universal software for convenient control, management, monitoring and documentation of individual doors and groups of doors as well as all door functions of TMS emergency exit control systems. It is possible to connect an unlimited number of doors via LAN or LON network. The system also allows real-time management of further DORMA components like automatic and swing door operators, SVP/M-SVP locks, and access control readers.

Clever additional functions

The panel system is ready for control via the potential-free NC contacts of a hazard alert system, fire alarm system or other external control components, which unlock the doors in the event of an emergency. A TL-N S55 emergency pushbutton in System 55 design allows opening all doors simultaneously.


In order to incorporate the control panels in a TMS network, you will require corresponding LON or LAN modules (depending on the prevailing network type). A RS 485 bus network in conjunction with TMS-IF door node hubs will suffice for small systems and systems with not more than 64 doors.

Benefits of LAN/LON network technology

LAN and LON control panels can manage an unlimited number of doors. In addition, several control panels can be operated in parallel and activate the same doors. TMS Soft also allows using control panels and PCs simultaneously.

Product downloads