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DORMA TL-S TMS 2 Control and Interface Board

TL-S TMS 2, TL-S DCW® and TL-S TMS Comfort control and interface boards out of DORMA's TL-S TMS product range for emergency exit control and door management provide a comprehensive functional range and can be managed from a central location via a PC with network connection.

  • Control of all escape route functions/external components
  • Ready for flush- and surface-mounting
  • DCW® bus with auto-identification of components
  • Individual parametrising via TMS Soft
  • Programmable inputs and outputs
  • Network ready

Product details

A single control unit provides all functions

With TMS control units, you can manage almost all requirements around the door. In addition, the system allows direct connection of DCW® components via the system bus and provides auto-identification of components. If required, you can link the control units via LAN or LON and manage them from a central location.

Modern and intuitive configuration

TMS control units provide (model-independent) functions like for example short-term, long-term and permanent unlocking, automatic relocking, "door open" monitoring, anti-tamper monitoring, logic gating, connection of hazard alert systems, access control systems, timers and many more. With a PC and the TMS Soft software, users can quickly and easily adjust and monitor all parameters and functions in real time.

Project solutions for various doors and requirements

The DCW® system bus allows parallel connection of several components such as locking devices, motor lock controls, key switches etc. to a TMS emergency exit control unit. If required, the control units are ready for LAN or LON networking and can be managed from a central location.

Control unit types:

Control and interface board with DCW® bus technology, ready for installation in TL-G door terminals, integrated dual port input/output module for external activation or emission of signals.


The terminal connection board for installation in the TL-G door terminal housing allows using surface-mounted door terminals in conjunction with detached TL-S TMS 2 control units or the RZ TMS 2 escape route control box. The system is connected via the DCW® system bus.


TL-S TMS Comfort

Flush-mounted control and interface board with DCW® bus technology and integrated emergency pushbutton for installation in a device box. Despite its compact dimensions, the system offers all TMS functions and allows the external activation and emission of signals.

Product downloads