dormakaba Entrance Systems
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Self Boarding Gates

The dormakaba system consists of a sensor barrier with automatic swing panels. The unit features an integrated boarding pass reader, an LCD display for passenger instruction and a device for printing seat assignment changes. Industry standard barcodes can be scanned from boarding passes printed by airlines or self-service kiosks, personal printers and smart phones.

  • Helps speed up the boarding process, cutting wait times at the gates
  • Ensures that passengers board the right aircraft
  • Supports gate agents – allows staff to deal with special needs or requirements
  • Manages First / Business Class, VIPs and airline staff separately, reducing wait times
  • Informs the passenger of last minute seating changes with a printed acknowledgment
  • Provides an alarm to notify the gate agent of unauthorized attempts to bypass boarding security or unauthorized de-boarding. The result, an accurate boarding record


  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Frankfurt
  • Berlin
  • Düsseldorf
  • Zürich
  • Vienna
  • Oslo
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Others

Product details

The HSB-M03 sensor barrier:

  • Optimizes passenger self-boarding process at airports
  • Efficient, effective and high passenger flow rates
  • Simple, comfortable operation expedites passenger processes
  • Ensures that only one person at a time is boarded
  • Passenger “roller boards” allowed during boarding
  • Safety sensors prevent users from injury
  • Facilitates self-boarding of passengers supervised by staff
  • Easily extendable with further modules
  • Space-saving design — a first-choice installation in all environments
  • Thermal printer for output of updated passenger information, e.g. seat imprint, gate change and vouchers.

Reads all boarding pass Bar Code versions

The HSB-M03 sensor barrier can be installed as single or multiple unit with modular extensions.


  • Housing and base columns stainless steel AISI 304
  • Side panels toughened glass 10 mm
  • Drives integrated in the rotating tube

Standard equipment

  • Barcode scanner for paper documents and mobile devices
  • Barcode valid-read audible signal
  • Signal device LED arrow-cross
  • 7“ LCD screen for pictures and video sequences
  • LED signals (red/green) at receipt slot
  • Audible signal for announcement of unauthorized use
  • Security and safety sensor system including luggage detection
  • Intelligent door panel control center for compensation of passenger errors


  • Full compliance with AEA standard


  • Central unit incl. 2 AUX ports
  • Common use certified BGR protocol
  • Thermal printer for seat imprint, gate change and vouchers
  • Combined 2D barcode and ID document reader
  • Contactless reader for frequent flyer application
  • Emergency button
  • Customized door panels


  • Anchored to level, finished floor, optional mount on portable platform

Sensor system

  • Regulation of single file access by means of light sensors
  • Pedestrian safety by means of sensor strips


  • Different interfaces (Ethernet, EIA-232, USB)


  • Stainless steel satin finish (housing and base columns)
  • Transparent or satin glass (side panels)
  • Colored or transparent polycarbonate door panels

Electrical components

  • ETS 21 control system and power supply unit integrated in the unit
  • Power supply 110-230 V AC 50-60 Hz


  • 2D: PDF 417, DataMatrix, QR-Code, Aztec, EAN 13 etc.
  • 1D: Code 39, Code 128, Industrial 2 of 5 etc.


  • Valid boarding pass opens gate for entrance to jetway
  • Door panels closed in locked position when not in use
  • Emergency push button opens door panel to egress position

Self-boarding gates are nowadays essential and norm for large airports with high volume of passengers. They are also increasingly used in smaller airports at busy times, as their usage has proven to be beneficial in terms of reducing cost and increasing transparency.