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McDonald’s Restaurants

dormakaba sets high standard at quick service restaurants nationwide




Nationwide (GBR), United Kingdom

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Steve Townsend

As part of a national refurbishment programme for McDonald’s, dormakaba was appointed to install high quality automatic doors from dormakaba at 169 restaurants across the UK, helping to deliver the utmost levels of safety and convenience.

dormakaba’s modern, sleek and stylish automatic doors help provide a reliable and pleasant experience for customers entering the restaurants, as well as offering a stable and comfortable environment for those dining inside.

McDonald’s Restaurants (GBR)
dormakaba ES 200 automatic door operators were specified for their sleek design, reliability and service backup. For entrances where space is restricted, such as with refurbishment schemes, swing door operators are a convenient solution.

dormakaba’s contribution to the project
Specified for their robustness, reliability, green credentials and nationwide backup service, dormakaba ED 100 Low Energy units enable doors to be opened under power when required.

In Automatic mode, dormakaba ED 100 operators are especially suitable for external doors where they recognise and compensate for tough weather effects. 

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