Radisson Nashik, India

A seamless flow of hotel guests moving through the lap of luxury

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Guests feel welcomed, carefree and relaxed, receiving a 5-star experience

Radisson Blu Nashik is a luxury hotel located near the foothills of the two-millennia-old Pandav Caves. The five-star urban hotel boasts unparalleled views of the mountains and stunning untouched scenery. The hotel has 224 elegantly designed rooms, including 18 suites with private balconies. With over 4,500 square meters of versatile event space, the Nashik hotel is perfect as a premium destination for all types of meetings and events. The urban resort also features a fully equipped spa area, an outdoor infinity pool, and a hair and beauty salon. To ensure the flow of people between the various parts of the hotel, dormakaba was commissioned to install high-functionality doors for hotel rooms that meet the requirements of each area.

  • Studio hba Mr. Abhishek Mathur

  • Partners: Matrix Architectural Solutions


How do we provide high-end solutions for a range of different areas?

  • Better technology and product operation

  • Better product life and reduced maintenance costs

  • Easy access for guests at the main entrance

  • Better fire security for guests

  • Transparent and self-sustaining solutions for office areas

  • Better acoustic management in gyms

  • Efficient and optimal use of the banquet room for event bookings

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"I am happy with the quality, commitment, labor and support delivered by dormakaba and its partner in this project."

Mr. Rishi Mehra

Owner of Rahul & Pranav hospitality, who built the project


High-end, long-lasting solutions from dormakaba for comfort and barrier-free access

The sliding folding partitions help increase the occupancy and therefore revenue of the luxury banquet hall while acting as energy-saving doors, while the transparent demountable partition system ensures privacy and adds to the aesthetics in the office area.

MOVEO Glass in the acoustic door to the Pilates room ensures that users are seen but not heard.

The TS 93 door closer system sets new standards, while the tried-and-tested EASY OPEN technology ensures maximum user convenience.

An inexpensive solution for standard doors, with reliable quality: the TS 71 door closer is the perfect addition to the ClassicLine series.

Reliable and aesthetically pleasing panic hardware fittings, panic stands and exit pads, compliant with all relevant standards for public facilities.

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