Hilton Hotel, Lake Como, Italy

Elegant access control systems for a luxury lake-view hotel

Hilton Como LoftSuite

Stylish design and amazing lake views with an infinity pool in a prestigious Italian location

The Hilton Lake Como hotel, located on Lake Como near the prestigious Villa Olmo, has a modern, sophisticated design. The hotel has 170 rooms with 20 suites, a rooftop solarium and infinity pool, three restaurants, and a wellness center and gym.

dormakaba’s access control systems help the hotel offer each guest a unique and unforgettable stay in one of Italy’s most popular destinations. Secure hotel access control elegantly combines form and function.

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How can access control systems balance form and function in this luxury hotel?

  • Flexible door systems with slim profiles ensure maximum room brightness and secure hotel access control

  • Automatic sliding doors and swing door operators provide convenient access to peripheral areas

  • Electronic locks with a high-performance, modular design

  • Designer hotel access control readers for elevator access and restricted areas

Hilton Como 6937


Secure, designer hotel access control solutions for an impressive guest experience

dormakaba helped restyle the facility with access control systems, electronic locks, and hotel access control devices.

  • The ST FLEX 2d automatic sliding door provides spa and terrace access

  • The ES 200 automatic sliding door operator allows for access to the reserved kitchen area

  • The ED 250 automatic swing door operator enables access to the facility’s garage

  • RFID locks in the form of the Saflock Quantum RFID automatic room access lock and RCU and SR readers allow access to common and peripheral areas,such as elevators

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