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CPD Presentations

In order to support you in meeting the continuous professional development challenge and acquire SACAP points we have launched a refreshed series of presentations to support your learning journey. 

Session 1: Back to Basics of Door Hardware (1.5 hrs) (0.15 Points)

Session 2: Advanced Door Control (1.5 hrs) (0.15 Points)

Session 3: Interior Glass Solutions (1 hr) (0.1 Points)

Session 4: Universal Access (1 hr) (0.1 Points)

With this free learning opportunity you will have access to the most comprehensive guidelines on door hardware specification with the option to take the sessions individually or as a programme, from the comfort of your practice.  

Taking up to an hour and a half, each presentation will be delivered by industry specialists from dormakaba’s Architectural Consultancy Services team. All participants will be entitled to receive a SACAP accredited CPD certificate by the end of these presentations.

This training is validated as a Category 1 CPD activity by SAIAT for SACAP registered professionals. Attendees will earn points as indicated above.

You can register for any of our CPD presentations by completing the form below.