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dormakaba Revit Plugin

Even though the 3D model-based building information modelling (BIM) process is transforming design and construction worldwide, advances in technology mean it can deliver even greater enhancements through add-on tools.

One such innovation is the freely available dormakaba BIM plugin for Autodesk Revit.

Designed to not only deliver improved door scheduling accuracy, it also provides clients with a detailed door specification within Revit. This includes product images, prices, and technical documentation of the products.

Our standalone plugin provides a streamlined specification service that delivers complete ironmongery specifications inside your model. And with product families available on request, it can be customised according to your needs.

This user-friendly plugin quickly transfers the openings between the client and dormakaba without requiring access to your Central File.

How does it work?

  • Export opening details to a small file that is emailed to the dormakaba Consultant;
  • The dormakaba Consultant prepares the ironmongery specification and sends the information back;
  • The information is imported, and the user can now view the ironmongery specification inside the project.

While the dormakaba consultant prepares the specification, you are free to continue working on your project model. Furthermore, the imported file does not increase your model size.

BIM is the planning tool of the future. Shouldn’t you enhance your business with the best technology there is?