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dormakaba b-comm ERP 5 - Microsoft Dynamics AX

The solution offers full integration with the Microsoft Dynamics AX system and an automated and easy data flow. The master data maintenance takes place only in Microsoft Dynamics AX as central point. By processing the data in Dynamics AX, all data is accessible to all relevant persons. Duplicate data storage will be avoided as there is only one leading system in Dynamics AX.

You receive all required personnel, project and order times. Integrated data collection brings significant cost savings to your organization by providing time-based and accurate collection and verification information to Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Product details

The advanced features for the Microsoft Dynamics AX system are the HR Employee, HR Reception, and HR Manager modules.

All additional modules are executed directly in the web browser and do not require installation on your computer. The entry masks of the modules are modern, clear and very user-friendly. The user can operate the application very quickly and intuitively. All modules are multilingual, a great advantage for international companies.

HR staff

This means that every employee always keeps an eye on his times.

HR reception

With the "HR Reception" package, your employees in the reception area have all the necessary tools at their disposal to be able to provide information and receive visitors.

HR Manager

The HR Manager has access to the posting overview and the master data of the employees assigned to him. Your HR managers effectively manage the resource time in their teams.

The expanding functions for the operational data acquisition are the modules

  • Automatic reporting on standard procedure
  • TRS WebTerminal BDE

These optional modules cover functionality that is not provided for within Microsoft Dynamics AX, but is needed by companies in their day-to-day operations. The modular architecture of the solution also allows you to use the modules individually.


With the WebTerminal you can record your arrival and absences quickly, easily and intuitively directly on the PC. The employee will see their time bookings and personal time accounts. The WebTerminal can be configured as required. In conjunction with Kaba ESS, supervisors are informed by e-mail about subsequent bookings.

Booking Viewer

In this module, you receive all bookings in the system at a glance, regardless of whether they are visitors or employees. You see all the bookings of an employee from the time recording over the operational data acquisition up to the access control.

Visitor Management

Visitor Management is a module for visitor and contractor management. It enables you, independently of SAP, to generate and manage ID cards and visitor tickets.

Attendance Board

The color-coded attendance overview shows at a glance which employees are present or absent. The Attendance Board is the basis for the evacuation list. In an emergency, the system provides rescue teams with emergency lists of names and last-whereabouts information for missing persons.

Supervisor HR

This module allows the supervisor to record, correct and release HR postings of his employees before they are transferred to the SAP system. Only after the release of the data, the bookings are loaded.

TRS WebTerminal BDE

With the TRS WebTerminal BDE, employees can conveniently log in and out of work processes at their PC workstation. The system processes and processes the data collected in the same way as the data posted on stationary terminals.

Automatic reporting on standard procedure

With this you automatically enter "unoccupied times" of an employee. These are posted to an overhead cost assignment defined for him. You determine when unused times are to be determined. Thus, idle times are automatically assigned and "filled" with a procedure.

The dormakaba solution includes

  •     Order processing - start, end, interruption
  •     Order quantity notification
  •     Auto Start Stop function
  •     Recording the coming / going times with and without reason
  •     pause collection
  •     Book change codes
  •     Display of personal time accounts
  •     Feedback on production orders
  •     up times
  •     processing times
  •     quantities of material
  •     Job change
  •     Project time tracking
  •     Feedback on indirect orders
  •     Coupling time recording / BDE
  •     Extended employee master data
  •     Access control group for the control of access authorizations in Kaba b-comm ERP 5
  •     Time event group for the determination of booking types at dormakaba terminals
  •     Terminal group for the definition of general permissions to dormakaba terminals
  •     Freely editable terminal dialogues via graphical editor
  •     multilingualism

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