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Architect Projekt zespołu autorskiego w składzie: Jacek Rzyski, Jerzy Ruszkowski, Jacek Kopczewski.


Wrocław, Poland

The new building of the Wrocław University Library is located at the boulevards on the Odra River.

The building was designed as two compact blocks: the main part of the library housing: circulation units, storage rooms for general collections and studios to work upon new collections and the part housing: circulation units, storage rooms and special collections studios.

The two parts are separated by a walkway where the main entrance to the library building is provided. The functional solutions provide for the possibility to convert the internal structure of the building flexibly in the future.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
The main entrance to the building is fitted with a Comfortline KTC revolving door with the diameter of 3600 mm. Due to the legal regulations concerning the impossibility of evacuation through revolving doors, the entrance also has emergency swing doors with the ED 200 Invers automatic operator which are installed on the sides of the revolving door. Such a solution makes it possible to have the doors opened automatically in the case of power failure or the failure of fire signalisation and keep them open also during the power failure. The library hall has Variflex movable walls which are enable to manage the hall space depending on the number of participants. The Wrocław University Library is also fitted with door technology products such as TS 71 door closers and PHA 2000 panic levers.