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Out of one come three.


HPP Laage+Partner R. Vögele; Prof. R. Schricker


Geislingen an der Steige, Germany

In order to accommodate the growing numbers of people taking part in its training seminars, WMF (a major German engineeringcompany) decided to construct a new communications centre that would offer more space. The plans provided by the architects responsible place the emphasis on variability in capacity provision to allow for different sizes of seminar and training venue. The synthesis of functionality achieved within an inspiring architectural environment epitomises the very best of modernity, pragmatism and accessibility.

dormakaba's contribution to the project
Thanks in no small measure to the integration of dormakaba Hüppe Variflex movable walls, this building offers sophisticated combination possibilities for a choice of rooms which, both individually and in sum, surpass all communication requirements. The main component is the sweeping stainless steel partition that separates three large conference rooms from the foyer. Additional there are Variflex partitions for dividing several smaller training rooms. Finishes in glass, stainless steel and wood were specially selected in order to reflect the brand image and cosmopolitan identity typically associated with WMF.