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Varitrans – perspectives of the future.


B.+C. Lambart, Potsdam


Leipzig, Germany

The classic façade of the historical main building of Leipzig University rises majestically into the old Saxony skies. Founded in 1409 by German dons and scholars, Leipzig University is the second-oldest in Germany. And there are many famous names on its roll of honour – including Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Friedrich Nietzsche and Richard Wagner.

At the historic centre of this seat of learning, a modern and indeed starkly contrasting building complex has been added to the substance of the principal structure to provide further lecture and communication rooms as well as a commercial-sized kitchen and refectory.

dormakaba’s contribution to the project
Depending on requirements, three Varitrans systems on the kitchen side featuring perforated steel sheet cladding set the tone for an attractive spatial ambience. When the kitchen is opened, the panels disappear into a parking pocket. The adjacent rooms, separated from the atrium by eight sliding systems, are markedly communication-friendly. Thanks to their translucent glass panelling, the dormakaba Hüppe Varitrans partitions provide for an open and generous, airy effect. Overall, the impression is one of conducively coordinated styling designed to enhance the enjoyment of studying.