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An unique atmosphere, full of entertainment and animation.


Promontório architects


Tróia, Portugal

Inaugurated on the 1st January 2011, Tróia’s Casino is a glamorous, sophisticated, innovative and versatile space. With about 4000 m2 in size, it is distinguished by bold contemporary architecture and by the ambitious and unique interior design.

The Tróia’s Casino Entertainment Centre was designed by architects specialized in sound and light, and is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated technologies. It is a multipurpose space ready to host all kinds of events, functioning as a theatre, auditorium or dining hall.

Project Details
Echoing the natural curves of the nearby sand dunes, the interior design concept is suggested as a core bursting bubble that sends huge waves of light and glitter across the hall.

Synchronized with the ongoing event, this bubble rises to different positions, changing colours and generating different atmospheres.

Around it, a series of lower ceiling coved spaces serve specific functions, such as bars, restaurant, cafeteria and cash points. On the second level, the amenities include a panoramic balcony and a VIP gaming and dining area.

dormakaba’s contribution to the project
dormakaba has joined in this great project with its electronic access control solutions to guarantee the safety, security and convenience of the users. Furthermore, with its “Invers” and backup power pack options, the ED 200 remains safely operable even when the power fails.

And in addition, our solutions offer a degree of aesthetic elegance.