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An urban ensemble exuding both style and soul.


JSWD Architekten, Köln, Deutschland Chaix & Moral et associés, Paris


Essen, Germany

The ThyssenKrupp Quartier is both an architectural masterpiece and an emblem of the conglomerate’s forward-looking development. Innovative architecture and sustainability were the key criteria for the corporation’s new headquarters. The ensuing ensemble comprises individual L-shaped buildings. Applying the “shell-core” principle, they surround a common centre: Q1, a 50-meter-high cube-shaped building at the heart of the complex that houses the company’s head office. It has a transparent core bordered to the north and south by two imposing panoramic windows that reflect the bodies of water and grass areas around the site, providing a symbolic naturalness amid the “raw shell” of the façades.

Literally a power house.
The Quartier has been designed and built with sustainability and natural resource efficiency very much in mind. Key to this strategy is an efficient energy concept. Hence, the complex is heated and cooled by geothermal energy. Air extracted from the offices is also used to generate heat, with power consumption being further reduced by a fully automatic system that controls the brightness of lighting based on the amount of daylight available.

dormakaba’s contribution to the project
dormakaba people and ideas. The ThyssenKrupp Quartier is an inspiring venue for people and their ideas. Communication is facilitated by state-of-the-art access technologies from dormakaba such as door closers, Premium lever handles, partition systems and various automatic door operators.