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An exuberant design for music


Rem Koolhaas & Ellen van Loon


Oporto, Portugal

The Casa da Música (House of Music) is a concert hall in Oporto, Portugal, designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, which gives space for the institution of the same name and its three orchestras: Orquestra Nacional do Porto, Orquestra Barroca and Remix Ensemble. Its construction project framed in Oporto 2001 European Capital of Culture, and it has begun in 1999 and was completed in early 2005, six years after the due date. Immediately, it became an icon of the city.

Project Details
Designed to be the home of music is integrated into the city urban renewal and it is part of a network of cultural facilities for the city Oporto and the rest of the world. It is an institution that provides an innovative and comprehensive cultural project as well as it has the aim to make an interesting contribution to the national and international music scene as a space for all kinds of musical events - from classical music to jazz, from fado to electronic music, from large international productions to more experimental.

Besides concerts, recitals and other types of performance, the Music House also organizes events for musicians and musicologists and invests in the research of the Portuguese music origins. Also it plays an important role in music education. It is a cultural meeting point between music and other areas of creation and artistic knowledge, providing a space for all audiences and creators.

dormakaba’s Contribution in the Project
dormakaba has given the project the best solutions for automatic sliding doors, as well as its floor springs systems and lever handles sets, which ensure the comfort of visitors with an easy and barriers free access.